Will wedding planning impact your work-life balance?

(Hint: Yes!)

Wedding planning takes time, energy and focus away from your personal and professional life!  Maintaining work-life balance is important and this is especially true once you become engaged. But adding wedding preparations to the agenda adds to the stress and pulls at your time.

Beautiful professional couple weds in the city

Beautiful Couple Weds in the City


How will you maintain your lifestyle while planning to marry?

Our express planning service offers flexibility to efficiently and effectively get the wedding planning done!  We’ll devise a plan for you that allows you to delegate the wedding planning work as you continue building your career and maintaining other personal responsibilities.

How do you get started?

Do you need all of your professionals contracted to begin express planning? Nope.  First, we will create a custom referral list based on your priorities and desires for any professionals you need. Then we will help you set appointments with those who catch your eye. Finally, we’ll help you make decisions on who will best create the wedding day you envision.


Couples best suited for express wedding planning may include:


  • Professional couples whose limited day-time hours are required in their career.
  • Couples who are planning to move, change jobs, or know other major life events will take place during their engagement.
  • Couples who started planning their wedding, but now feel overwhelmed by it all.


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